MTA7 Marine Travel Alliance – A Truly Global Marine Travel Partnership

MTA7 is a Global Marine Travel Alliance of leading independent marine travel experts in their own market places.

MTA7 has been created by six highly service minded marine travel companies, with over USD119 million turnover as a group and has almost 140 marine and 70 offshore fare contracts, making the partnership a major force in the marine & offshore markets. By forming this alliance of companies we can bring to the market a level of quality of service and competitive prices not provided by other marine groups.

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MTA7 partners cover the globe and are located in Australia, India, Greece, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ukraine and USA, some partners have multi-city locations and have a combined travel turnover of over US $120million and over 120 airline contracts making MTA7 a substantial player in the Marine and Off-shore travel market.

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MTA7 would welcome to hear from potential new partners who are independently owner managed – particularly in China, also in the Middle East, Africa and South American regions

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